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Nature sounds resonate deeply within us because we have been surrounded by them since the dawn of time.
The sound of ocean waves, flowing water, rain, thunderstorms and other natural sounds instantly connect with
something deep inside, no matter where we are. Modern life has taken many of us away from nature, and this is
why good quality sound recordings can be so helpful. We go to great lengths to capture nature in all its glory - so
that you can close your eyes and feel like you are there. These nature recordings are ideal for drowning out
unwanted background noises at home or whilst travelling, for use in meditation and relaxation, as a natural
white noise for baby calming and especially for inducing sleep. Many people use Calmsound nature sounds for
meditation, Yoga, Reiki and spiritual wellbeing. You can use the free nature sounds player on this page for an
endless stream of natural ambience, and please take a look at our albums if you’re on the go. Look out for
meditation music coming soon and we hope you will enjoy listening!

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Sweet Dreams makes top 50!

Calmsound's baby calming album recently made
number 33 in the Babble top 50 baby Music albums,
and number 10 in the best for winding down/sleep.

Sweet Dreams gives you the opportunity to safely
play popular sleep-inducing sounds to your child.
These include a moving car, womb music, hair
dryer, vacuum cleaner and many more. This album
is the result of customer feedback and it continues
to prove effective year after year. Sweet Dreams is
available to download at most online stores and
also as a CD at